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Curry Leaves Benefits, Uses for Hair with Some Tips

Curry Leaves Benefits, Uses for Hair Some Tips - This plant of Ayurveda is very beneficial, it is used in many places such as for taste in food, as a spice, as oil for hair, like medicine, etc. It has been found according to research Of the 21 different species of plants, the highest anti-bacterial property is found in this plant.

Today we will talk about one such Ayurvedic plant, which is called Curry Leaves, it is also called sweet neem (Curry Leaves In Hindi - मीठी नीम) in many places, and in the Latin language, it is called Murraya Koeningii.

It is not given much importance in the North India area of ​​India but curry leaves are used in most of the spicy dishes of South India.

We use curry leaves only for taste, but not only for taste we can also use it as medicine and get benefits. This plant can give us life, can free us from diseases.

Curry Leaves Benefits, Uses for Hair Some Tips

What are the benefits of curry leaves for Hair

1. Its first advantage is that its oil protects our hair from sun damage and pollution due to damage to the scalp damage, dry hair, etc. The anti-oxidants present in curry leaves are very beneficial, if your hair is dry, weak, or thin, then you can apply curry leaf oil or paste to your hair. If you cannot apply its oil every day, keep it powder and apply it with curd 2 times a week.

2. Another advantage of this is that curry leaves are rich in amino acids and beta protein, it is a precious remedy for thin and falling hair. If your hair has turned white or is shedding prematurely, then curry leaf oil or paste is very beneficial for you.

3. There are some substances in curry leaves due to which curry leaves are used in many creams, this gives relief from many skin related diseases. For example, if your skin is dry or there are spots on the skin or your skin is dull due to sunburn, then some elements of curry leaves also work as skin whitening.

4. Its fourth advantage is that curry leaves also have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties due to which prevents fungal itching in the skin. Just as some people have fungus in their hair, due to fungus, their hair gets scratched, hair starts falling. In this case, curry leaf oil is very beneficial.

5. Curry leaves help a lot in controlling the amount of sugar in the blood.

6. Curry leaf enhances memory and also reduces the ability to think and protects against Alzheimer's disease in old age.

How to make Curry Leaves Oil Recipe

Curry Leaves Benefits, Uses for Hair Some Tips with coconut oil

1. To make oil, first, take a cup of curry leaves and wash it with clean water, then dry it well, take care not to dry the curry leaves in the sun.

2. Put dried curry leaves inside the mixer for grinding, but do not use water, instead of water, use 4 tablespoon coconut oil.

3. Now take heavy frying (Karahi) and add 3 cups of coconut oil and add curry leaves paste along with it.

4. After adding it, put it on the gas, keep the flame on low so that the nutrients inside it are not destroyed and you will get the maximum benefit of this oil.

5. Stir the oil on low flame for at least 14 to 15 minutes so that the oil does not burn, then turn off the gas and keep the oil to cool down.

6. Now filter the oil of curry leaves with a big sieve, apply a thin cloth over the sieve to separate the oil and other curry leaves.

7. After filtering the oil separately from curry leaves, make its dry mixer powder and you can apply it on your hair.

8. Now the oil is ready, you can cut 2 capsules of Vitamin E in this oil, Vitamin E is very beneficial for hair and also very good for Skin, it does not cause wrinkles on the skin.

9. Put the Kari leaf oil in an airtight bottle and use it 2 times a week, massage it for 10 to 15 minutes after applying it to the hair and wash the hair with ordinary shampoo.

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Other Important Benefits of Curry Leaves

1. Hard leaf is very beneficial for boils pimples. If you have boils anywhere in your body, then grind the hard leaves and make a paste and apply it to the place. This will cure pimples, it is a very good experiment for boils.

2. Curry leaf is a panacea for stomach pain. For this, take 2 to 3 grams of hard leaves and boil it in 2 glasses of water, when half a glass of water is left, then filter it and drink it, it will cure stomach ache.

3. People who have very little hunger, complain of indigestion, if they boil 1 to 2 gg of hard leaves and drink it regularly in the morning like tea, then it will improve digestion, increase appetite and also relieve stomach problems.

4. This curry leaf also kills stomach worms, it is a vermin destroyer. If you or your children have worms in their stomach, make 2 to 3 curry leaves powder and eat empty stomach regularly in the morning. This will remove the stomach worms and other stomach related problems will also go away.

5. The juice of hard leaves is very beneficial in healing wounds. If there is a cut or injury in the body, then boil the hard leaves and wash the affected area with water. This will remove the possibility of injury and if a wound is formed, it will heal soon.

6. If you are complaining of acidity and ulcer, grind the hard leaves and extract 3 to 4 teaspoons of juice and drink 1-1 cup of water daily in the evening, this will give relief in acidity. It will also work for your digestion and will also work for ulcers, acidity.

How to Plant Curry Leaves Plant at Home

Curry leaves plant can be planted anywhere, for this, you can plant hard leaf plant in any pot at home. There is no need for any special soil for planting the plant, nor any fertilizer, medicine, etc is required.

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